Italian dinner for eight people

Inside you will find:

  • Two packs of pasta from Gragnano I.G.P. 500gr
  • Organic tomato puree
  • Ready-made Marabotto meat sauces (winter menu) or Villa Reale Suprême of fish (summer menu)
  • Two preparations for assorted Marabotto risottos
  • Cream of pumpkin and Marabotto ginger
  • Wild boar sausages
  • Cheese shape
  • Parmesan cheese 250gr
  • Prepared for Tuscan crostino Marabotto
  • Small salty treat
  • Al mais blu chips
  • Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P Bio 500 ml Pure Green Gold
  • Two Modica Chocolates from 100gr Antica Dolceria Bonajuto
  • Mixed chocolates and heart-shaped Italian production
  • Assorted candies
  • Prepared for desserts + latte UHT
  • Magnum Rosa Mara bottle
  • White or red wine to be agreed
  • Sweet wine 375ml
  • Heart stabilized rose
  • Regalo by VF Boxes


In the MAGNUM BOX you will find everything you need for a nice dinner with a bottle of Prosecco, Magnum wine and others 2 bottles of wine, pasta, appetizer, prepared for unique risottos, desserts, chocolate and a gift for an exceptional and easy-to-make Italian culinary experience!

The choice of suppliers and products can vary at any time to guarantee our customers the best quality, the uniqueness and exclusivity of’ purchase.


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