Amatriciana dinner for four people

Inside you will find:

  • Pasta of Gragnano I.G.P. 500 gr
  • Organic tomato puree
  • D.O.P. pillow. Coccia sausage factory 250 gr
  • Pecorino Romano 250 gr
  • Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P.. Pure Gold Green BIO 200 ml
  • Weather in Salamini Coccia
  • Dry snack
  • Prepared for Tuscan crostino 180 gr Marabotto
  • Modica chocolate
  • Prosecco or wine
  • Stabilized rose with plexiglass box and candle
  • Regalo by VF Boxes


In the AMATRICIANA BOX you will find everything you need to prepare or prepare a delicious Amatriciana pasta. Gragnano pasta, pureed bio, artisan bacon and an excellent red wine to accompany the menu. We also thought of an aperitif while waiting to taste the fantastic recipe. Then small decorations for the table and a taste of Modica chocolate.


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