We ship Italian products of excellence all over the world.


Make a birthday unique and unforgettable, an anniversary and an important occasion or make any day special.

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Perché VF Boxes

We ship Italian products of excellence all over the world. For you or whoever you want in elegant gift boxes.

The VF Boxes were born from the idea of ​​two friends, Vanessa and Flavia. The first communication and marketing entrepreneur with a great aesthetic sense and a real passion for gifts and the second five-generation producer of organic Umbro PDO EVO Oil and entrepreneur in the events sector, with in common an overwhelming love for refined cuisine and exclusive wines.

From these elements the boxes were born in a natural way to give and treat yourself to Italian products of excellence with an elegant and luxurious packaging.

What's more beautiful than receiving a gift?

Vanessa and Flavia have created different boxes to amaze and satisfy all tastes and needs, even the most sophisticated. Give or treat yourself to a Gift box as an unexpected delightful and refined thought. Giving a VF box as a gift means giving an exclusive experience to make a birthday unique and unforgettable, an anniversary and an important occasion or make any day special.


Our greatest desire is to be able to bring the magic of events to all homes. Make sure that anyone can pamper themselves and celebrate with refinement in any place, giving or giving away our boxes.

We have passionately selected the products among the Italian excellences. We will work again, supported by you, in this project. Your advice will guide us. When you will receive our boxes, the only ingredient to add will be your love, the fundamental element for every unforgettable moment.

Impress your guests ...

On VF Boxes you can buy complete solutions with the best Italian foods carefully selected to never miss made in Italy products in your home and to amaze your guests with an Italian dinner cooked in a few minutes. The products you find on our shop are the most exclusive online. Bring Italian excellence to your home with VF Boxes!

Solo Made in Italy...

Solo Made in Italy... Love for Italy and its wine and food products, recognized as excellence internationally, they are the inspiration for this project that brings quality Italian food to homes all over the world! The selection of foods that you will find in the VF Boxes will make you live an extraordinary culinary experience. Furthermore, the VF Boxes cadeaux are designed to create your private event at home.

VF Boxes...

The cute Sweet box and the cute Salty box, to let you savor a moment of sweetness or a delicious aperitif and introduce you to our world of Italian excellence in wine and cuisine.

The YOU CHEF BOX where you will find everything you need to prepare or prepare an exquisite Amatriciana pasta. Gragnano pasta, pureed bio, artisan bacon and an excellent red wine to accompany the menu. Then small decorations for the table and a taste of Modica chocolate.

The YOU CHEF SWEET BOX with a selection of Italian desserts and a preparation of chocolate pudding from Baratti and Milan with lactose-free milk to cook in a few minutes an excellent dessert to enjoy in relaxation or in company, paired with a very good rosé wine.

The LOVE BOX with an exclusive jam and typical Italian sweets to make your love feel even from a distance!

The LUXURY LOVE BOX with Italian chocolates and rosé wine for her or grappa barricaded with amarone for him.

The VIP BOX with many products to enjoy a fantastic dinner to share in five. Appetizer, pasta, ready sauces, prepared for unique risottos, cheeses, desserts, chocolate, VF Boxes floral and gift centerpiece…for an evening dedicated to excellent Italian food!

The MAGNUM BOX with everything you need for a nice dinner with a bottle of Prosecco, Magnum wine and others 2 bottles of wine, pasta, appetizer, prepared for unique risottos, desserts, chocolate and a gift for an exceptional and easy-to-make Italian culinary experience!

The LUXURY TRUFFLE BOX with all the ingredients inside for a luxurious dinner based on truffles. Contact us to match the wine you love most.

The CUSTOM BOX is a dinner DESIGNED just for you and together with you to create tailor-made solutions. We can send you gluten-free or lactose-free boxes or simply with what you like best.

We will guide you with videos and assistance to create a fabulous menu in a short time.

If you want you can send us your videos to share your experience with us